They say being a mum is the hardest job in the world. Adding the further pressure of pursuing a career is a huge challenge for all mums. This transition can take time and there are many challenges. Many new mums also fear they could  lose their ‘place in the queue’ of career advancement as a result of taking maternity leave. It’s no easy task.

SEEK Managing Director Joe Powell talks about his desire to help others achieve career success and shares a few basic tips on how to get ahead in the competitive Australian job market.


Ever wanted to start your own business? This is one of the best alternatives to university and it can suit almost any person. It is a long road but as long you’ve got the ambition and determination to make it on your own, you will be successful.

Travelling is rad. If you haven’t travelled yet, get yourself on a flight somewhere exotic as soon as humanly possible - this is very, very important for the all-round betterment of your life.

The one negative of travel is that it can be expensive, especially if you have the travel bug and you want to go away again and again; or, maybe you like the luxuries of life but don’t know how to afford it. The good news is that there is an easy way to get paid to travel the world.