Dianne was a florist for almost 30 years.

She’s always been interesting in nursing and after years of thinking about going back to school, she finally decided to make her dream a reality. “From the age of 4 I dreamt of becoming a nurse... I love helping people in any way possible, it gives me tremendous joy to know I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. At the age of 53, I made my dream come true.”

Dianne is an inspiration to us. She has demonstrated that no matter your age, you can always go back to school. Learn more about how she decided to face her fears of being a mature student and get back into the classroom.

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“Prevention is better than cure.”

The following piece is written by nursing student Sushma Ghale.

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Sushma comes all the way from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is currently in the 3rd stage of Diploma of Nursing program.

“To me, becoming a nurse is one of the most selfless jobs acts you can do. I love getting the opportunity to help people from all over the world, having the chance to know them and take care of them is one the greatest blessings.”