Virtual Reality was virtually a success in the late '80s but never quite made the impact everyone thought. A devoted few refused to give up and two decades later we see a device that may totally change the gaming industry for ever: the Oculus Rift. Providing a 'natural' feel to exploring 3D environments is just the beginning; hear Festival of Change attendees and presenters share their thoughts on the potential of this new technology.

Former CATC Design School student Joseph Sarkodie explains how studying with CATC for a year provided a creative pathway to a career as a full-time freelance photographer. 



catc design school the loop

One of Think Education's design college has a new profile on Australia’s creative networking website. The CATC Design School The Loop profile will be used to showcase the work of our incredibly talented students and draw industry contacts to note their high standard of design creativity.

Graduation Industry Preview Night - Thursday 4th September 2014.

Ultimo is a mysterious place during a night-time deluge. Its grid of Film Noir streets and narrow alleyways glisten in the rain, randomly lit by the headlights of passing cars and a scattering of amber street-lamps. There is an air of mystery and discovery around every corner.

Treminus Student Exhibition Billy Blue - Think Education

Three times a year, Think Education offers scholarships to a handful of talented students to help with the costs of their course. This continues a long standing tradition for Billy Blue College of Design and CATC Design School to focus on fostering young talent. We maintain a high standard of creativity and innovation in Australia’s design industry, and providing financial support for those students who demonstrate great exuberance and originality in design is just a small part of our commitment to our students’ future.

Selecting the right student is a difficult process as the high standard of work makes for a very competitive landscape. Our judges look for that spark of originality and creativity, as well as the student’s ability to demonstrate a high level of commitment and a great work ethic that will see them through their course. It’s not just about providing a polished portfolio (although that does help).