Meet Isabel Urrego, Senior Learning Advisor at Sydney campus and one of our student support specialists. Our team of Learning Advisors includes industry and education experts who will support you throughout your studies to make sure you stay on track to success! They offer a free academic support service to all students.

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We all want to eat healthy. But knowing exactly what that means can be tricky. It seems like every week a new miracle diet or superfood pops up. It can be hard to figure out what’s kosher...


There is a false attitude towards beauty therapists that the highest career goal they can reach is working in a nail salon. As any beauty therapist who’s ever worked in a day spa at a deluxe five-star resort can tell you, this is not the case.

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My name’s Matt. ​My camera and I explored what the Greatest Degree on Earth might look like. I met with brilliant minds, went behind-the-scenes at some of the world's coolest brands and discovered some amazing places to study. Did I mention I visited 5 continents in 12 days?

We’re all trying to get ahead in our careers but you’ve probably never thought that a qualification in counselling could be the answer. If you work with people (and who doesn’t?) you most likely already employ several useful tactics and skills to mediate, manage and negotiate in the workplace. By undertaking a diploma or degree in counselling, you can dramatically improve your level of confidence and increase the effectiveness of your current skills. 

Here’s a few professions where managing other people to a high level can make all the difference.