Thinking of becoming a nurse?

Michelle Boutcher, an Enrolled Nurse and graduate from THINK Health Education, provides a few tips for soon to be nurses on how to become a successful Diploma of Nursing student.

5 Tips for Nursing Students

Australia has placed a great deal of value and importance in tertiary education ever since the late Gough Whitlam abolished university fees in 1974. Since then, the tertiary education sector has grown dramatically.

If you have just finished Year 12 and you’re borderline freaking-out about the cost of your further education, there’s an important government program that will help you cover the costs.

Whether it's HSC or Uni Exams, everyone has a plan of attack. 

You may be the type to go into recluse mode, brick yourself into your room and forget about everything else in life - like food, friends and showering. You turn into a highlighter-wielding, note-scribbling, tired and 'hangry' hermit maniac.

Don't do it. Stressing out is not going to help you at all. Keeping level headed and remembering some of these basic things will help you maintain balance and study more effectively.

 You can also download your guide to "Surviving Year 12" here.

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