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By THINK Education 29th December 2014

Easy-to-Achieve New Years’ Resolutions for 2015

New Years’ resolutions can be a great motivator to affect positive change in your life, or they can be a highway to a block of chocolate on the couch come April. At any rate, we’re all very idealistic and hopeful around the Christmas/New Years’ holiday period, so let’s review some high-profile pledges and what it will take to achieve them.


Lose Weight or Die Tryin’ 

It seems that everyone wants to lose weight and trim down everywhere all the time. I heard a guy at the gym - who was cut like a Greek statue - talk about how he wanted “to lose a centimeter here and there”. Sounds like malnutrition! Maybe your resolution should be to ignore your belt size and just get fit and eat healthier. Go for a run already.



Change Careers

If you spend most of your day Alt-Tabbing between your work and YouTube, maybe its time you found a new career in 2015? This means heading back to school. Whether you choose to stay in cubical purgatory and study online, or quit and hit full-time study, there are many different ways you can balance study with your other responsibilities.



Get a Promotion

One thing that might have been ruining your chances of a promotion at work is that you’re not actually qualified to do anything else. The solution is easy, go back to study. If you’ve already studied a little, or have extensive experience, you can probably receive course credit, graduate with a higher qualification and start climbing that corporate ladder.



Travel (More)

Travel is the equal best thing on this earth along with food, music and love. But its expensive, you have to take leave from work, there’s never enough time, etc. etc. There is an easy solution to this: study hospitality in 2015 and get a job in the World’s largest and quickest-growing industry. With the right skills and experience you can run a resort in the Pacific during the day and live it at night, then move on to the next island paradise when you’re done. Boo-yah!



Find True Love

There are three steps to finding love (if you’ve tried and failed a couple of times already): Get healthy, get a personality, meet people - you’ll strike gold soon enough.



Get Rich or Die Tryin’

The people who make a lot of money in this world are lawyers, doctors and business owners. As lawyering and doctoring usually require more study and work hours than the average human can muster, starting your own business seems like the top choice to get the top dollar. Going into business is hard, so its probably best you study business a little first - even a one-year diploma could make all the difference.

Fifty Cent


Good riddance 2014, Hel-looooo 2015! Maybe we’ll see you at a Think Education college in 2015? Get in touch to find out how you can achieve your New Years’ resolution.




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