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By THINK Education 29th December 2014

How to Get Paid to Travel the World

Travelling is rad. If you haven’t travelled yet, get yourself on a flight somewhere exotic as soon as humanly possible - this is very, very important for the all-round betterment of your life.

The one negative of travel is that it can be expensive, especially if you have the travel bug and you want to go away again and again; or, maybe you like the luxuries of life but don’t know how to afford it. The good news is that there is an easy way to get paid to travel the world.


Study Hospitality

Hospitality is not just what uni students do to make ends meet. Hospitality (including tourism) is a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL INDUSTRY and is the largest and fastest growing job market in the world with positions across a wide variety of roles available everywhere. The people who have good skills and experience are paid well and have a great time living in incredible parts of the world. You can still work in Australia, but perhaps living and working at the Great Barrier Reef would suit you better than the Western Suburbs of Sydney? At least you’ll be closer to the water.

There are many courses and pursuits available as part of this expanding and lucrative industry. Here are some of the best:


Tourism Management

Incorporating equal parts business and marketing and travel, a variety of roles exist to make destinations, resorts, cruises, etc. enticing to the public through effective Tourism Management. You need to make people want to go on holiday. This requires creative and entrepreneurial types who get excited about getting people excited.

Sumant Tanna


Hotel and Hospitality Management

Hotels, resorts, cruise ships, bars, restaurants and tours all need people to work and manage them - just like here at home. This is for a people person with an eye for detail who is not afraid of  being in charge. You’ll feel great pride when you deliver an enjoyable experience to visiting guests.

Hotel Hospitality


Event Management

An experienced Event Manager is a highly sought-after employee as they can make the difference to the overall achievement of an event. The ability to successfully manage projects (staff, contractors, time, resources, attendees, council and budget) is a role where the right skills and experience, combined with the right personality, can yield a life of jetsetting around the world to ensure events are as fun as they look.

Event Management


Commercial Cookery

Cooking is hard work but comes with great pay. It can also be a serious art that stimulates all five senses and can have people coming back for more. A reliable chef who can deliver high quality fare is always in demand in any city in the world. Spend your days swimming and your nights cooking.

Alex Rahme


Business Management

As stated earlier, hospitality and tourism are serious big business. People who are good at managing the ins and outs of a company (large or small) are always in demand. Lucrative pay awaits at the destination of your dreams!



All these professions play integral parts in ensuring the holiday fantasies of the sightseeing public come true. As a result, they live in incredible cities, swim at amazing beaches, wake up to stunning views, ski every day, and, when they’re tired of that, they can move on the the next city and do something new. And there’ll always be a place for you at home.

William Blue College of Hospitality Management is Australia’s first hospitality management school and has consistently been a leader in hospitality education. Your career will begin on day one as you learn from experienced industry professionals, undertake work experience with leading industry partners, work in our award-winning, student-run Sydney restaurant and learn in the brand-new campuses at The Rocks and Fortitude Valley. You can even study some classes online.

Explore the world at Open Day on Saturday 17 January.




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