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By GOS 20th February 2018

Meet our Learning Advisor: Isabel


Meet Isabel Urrego, Senior Learning Advisor at Sydney campus and one of our student support specialists. Our team of Learning Advisors includes industry and education experts who will support you throughout your studies to make sure you stay on track to success! They offer a free academic support service to all students.

How would you describe what learning advisors are?

They are basically magicians! They will help you solve any academic issues you might face once you become a student.

What sort of services do you offer to your students?

Our academic services include help and support developing academic reading and writing, correct referencing and avoiding plagiarism, developing employability skills like time management, goal setting and prioritising, helping them become better learners by developing good study habits and assessment planning techniques, just to mention a few.

I run weekly workshops on specific topics, any student can attend (there is a different workshops program for every campus). I also organise small group tutorials and one-on-one sessions when some students require a much more personalised approach. Furthermore, since some of our students commute for over an hour, I am willing to organise phone calls or video chats with them.

What motivated you to become a learning advisor?

Since I was little, I was very curious about discovering how others learnt. I was always helping my brothers and cousins figuring things out or teaching them to understand how things worked. Unfortunately, I did not have very good vocational guidance when I was in high school and did not really know what I wanted to be. But in my second year of university the dean of education (whom I was working with in a research project) just casually said “you’re a natural teacher”, and he allowed me to take some of the classes from the education faculty even though I belonged to another program. That opened a whole world for me! I wanted to teach and I wanted to teach others how to learn better, languages at first, but then it escalated to maths, and academic skills.

What attracted you to a career in Education?

I truly believe that education is the key to any improvement in a specific society. We owe our generations the opportunity to improve and advance through education. That’s why I am so proud of belonging to an institution like THINK Health Education, which is hell-bent on leaving a mark in our communities by providing the best education that our students can access.

How will your experience benefit the students?

I’ve been a student and an active learner my entire life. I know the uncertainties and concerns students face when they start their degrees. I can help guide them through a stress-free academic ride!

What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

The light bulb moments! When my students and nurse educators hit that learning moment in which something that was complicated or difficult for them becomes clear and simple.

What’s your most inspiring moments in your career as a learning advisor?

During the past five years I have been offering my services to the Diploma of Nursing. There is a subject in which students have to deal with drug calculations, which turned out to be one of the most difficult tests to pass. A year ago, I had a student with a rare learning disability called dyscalculia, as with dyslexia, he had problems reading the figures in front of him. I ran tutorials for the entire class, but I had one-on-one sessions with him for about 6 weeks prior to the ‘big’ test. His confidence in passing that subject was very low. I made him promise me that he would try and utilise all the strategies that I would suggest to him to better understand those medication calculations problems. He did, and he succeeded. He could not believe it and said working with me had helped him not only understand maths better but become better at dealing with stress and anxiety. That has been one of the most memorable moments I have had in recent years.