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By THINK Education 28th April 2015

Mums Returning to Work: The Hardest Job in the World?

They say being a mum is the hardest job in the world. Adding the further pressure of pursuing a career is a huge challenge for all mums. This transition can take time and there are many challenges. Many new mums also fear they could  lose their ‘place in the queue’ of career advancement as a result of taking maternity leave. It’s no easy task.


Women return to work in different ways and there are more ways than ever to make this process less overwhelming. One is to slowly transition back through part-time hours, but another that is becoming more and more popular is returning to study before returning to the workplace.

Could you benefit from upskilling?

Upgrading your qualifications is never a bad idea and maternity leave could be the ideal time to upskill. While you are adjusting to the new world of motherhood, why not take the opportunity to undertake a course to upgrade your qualifications?

Don't forget your prior learning

Your past study and work experience can be recognised as prior learning when undertaking new study. For example, a diploma in business management or marketing can be upgraded to a Bachelor of Business in as little as a year, depending on your study load. Even if you wanted to pursue a new discipline like design, the fact that you have some kind of qualification can still help you get ahead faster.

Study when it suits you

Several Think Education colleges like APM College of Business and Communication, Australasian College of Natural Therapies and the Jansen Newman Institute all offer flexible learning options that allow you to study full or part-time online, on-campus, or a combination of on-campus and online to suit your lifestyle. If you can dedicate some time at home to study, then you can quickly upgrade your skills by studying when it suits you. A couple of hours from grandma, dad or a babysitter can help make this happen.

There are many options open to mums who want to maintain career success.  And after all, you’re an accomplished multitasker…