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By THINK Education 29th December 2014

Ten Signs That it’s Time to Switch Careers

 You wish it was already Friday on Monday morning (after your second coffee)




You’ve had a warning from your boss about watching too much YouTube on company time

Office Space



A quiet drink on Friday night has turned into a whole bottle of wine every night of the week




You’ve had a warning from your boss about listening to Serial on company time




You’ve joined a fight club

Fight Club



You push your lunch hour by about fifteen minutes, every day




You spend at least twenty minutes each day sitting in a toilet cubicle playing Candy Crush



You daydream of using a dramatic Parkour/Jason Bourne sequence as your letter of resignation



Your credit card is maxed-out from excessive Amazon purchases that you’ve made instead of doing your work



Your bedtime reading is further education course guides

Despicable Me


Think Education and its eight colleges are the ideal pace to switch careers! With courses across Business, Design, Health and Hospitality taught by industry professionals, you can study online or on-campus and get into a career that you will actually enjoy. Ask about our internships and industry placement opportunities.

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Think Education encompasses eight different colleges in NSW, QLD and VIC across four faculties; Business, Health, Hospitality and Design. The colleges which Think Education proudly represents are:

Billy Blue College of Design | CATC Design School | APM College of Business and Communication | William Blue College of Hospitality Management | Australasian College of Natural Therapies | Southern School of Natural Therapies | Jansen Newman Institute | Australian National College of Beauty