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By THINK Education 29th December 2014

Top Things to do in an Empty Office

Man empty office

Offices across Australia run on a skeleton staff throughout the summer holidays. If you’re one of the unlucky few that are stuck at work while everyone else hits the beach, there’s plenty you can do to stay occupied in an empty office. Here’re some of the best.


Office Cricket 

As Summer arrives there’s only one sport Australians care about: cricket. The quiet corridors of your office are the perfect pitch to try and make a tennis ball (or scrunched-up piece of paper) soar across the empty cubicles. Make sure you’re streaming the game while you imitate great innings by Clarke, Gilchrist, Border, Boon and Bradman.

Office cricket


Stream Something: Youtube / iView / Vice TV / Wiziwig

Depending on which websites your work allows access to, there could be a world of streamable viewing pleasure for you to enjoy.

Office space


Upskill and Get a Better Job

This quiet time is great for a spot of professional self-reflection. Are you satisfied in your current position? A little study on the side of work could mean that you will suddenly be in pole position for a new role. And any qualifications or experience you have may help you advance your studies a little quicker. Go on, surprise everyone.



Find a New Career

Maybe you’re not professionally satisfied at all and you really need to do something drastically different. Do you like to travel? Maybe a career in Hospitality or Tourism Management is the way to go. Feel like you’ve got a creative edge? Get stuck into Digital Media Design. FEE-HELP and flexible study options mean you don’t have to toss in the towel at work straight away. There’s always something out there for determined people looking to make a change.

Game of Thrones


Online Study

Perhaps you’re not sure about an entirely new career, but you need to learn something soon or your brain might go into early retirement. There are many short courses and qualifications you can study from any location, making an empty office the ideal place to get a solid start on a Diploma of Management, Graphic Design or Health Science. Study when it suits you, have access to lecturers through an advanced online learning portal and maybe even use your new qualification to move into a bachelor degree program.

Online study


Plan a Holiday of Your Very Own

You deserve a holiday as much as everyone else; you work hard just like they do. So spend some time on old mate World Wide Web and check out some of the Worlds’ best holiday destinations. Or, if you really want to go on holiday and stay there, consider a career change to the Hospitality industry and spend the rest of your days living and working in the Worlds’ best holiday destinations. It worked for Commercial Cookery graduate graduate Alex Rahme, who now works as a chef in Switzerland, so why not give it a go?



Get an Original Idea Off the Ground Using Pozible

If you have a good enough business idea but lack the capital to make it happen, crowd source the money from your friends, family and an idealistic online community. Pozible has worked time and time again for projects large and small.

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