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By THINK Education 29th December 2014

What Does it Take to Start Your Own Business?

Ever wanted to start your own business? This is one of the best alternatives to university and it can suit almost any person. It is a long road but as long you’ve got the ambition and determination to make it on your own, you will be successful.

 The perks of running your own business include:

  • Choosing your own hours

  • Choosing all the music

  • Choosing all the staff

  • Actually, pretty much choosing everything all the time

  • Earning all the profit

What Does it Take?

Once you have worked out a great idea to base a business on, there are many considerations when starting your own business. The most important question you should ask yourself is: do I have what it takes to successfully start my own business?

This is where many small business owners fall of the rails; they don’t know what it takes to go into business. They have the idea, the determination and the ambition, but they lack the knowledge and experience to make sound business decisions and their business inevitably fails. Businesses do fail often. Many business owners will tell you about their first, second or even third failed business, or how they had to change their focus in order to become successful.

There is a lot to learn in business and there is almost an unlimited amount of advice and training available to aspiring business owners of all types.

Get What You Need to Succeed

The best thing to do if you know (or even think) you will start your own business, is to study business. There are diploma and degree courses so that you know all the ins and outs of what it takes to run a business: hiring, accountants, consumables, government regulations, wastage, proven business techniques, superannuation, real estate, finances - all these things become your responsibility.

There are colleges that provide on-campus and online courses to help you start your own business. In certain courses, they offer work experience integrated into the course so that you are guaranteed to get some form of work experience before you graduate.

For example, you could study a two-year Commercial Cookery course that includes supervised hands-on experience working in an on-campus, award-winning student restaurant that serves the public - ideal for aspiring chefs who want their own establishment.

Eddie Leung is one such success story from William Blue. He started Spago in Sydney’s south and became an instant success, having now won two Restaurant & Catering Association awards for Best Italian Restaurant. 

“I chose to study at William Blue for two reasons: to discover the art of creating fine cuisine and the knowledge to run a lucrative business. I graduated with a skillset that enabled me to open a successful and award-winning restaurant!”

Eddie Leung

The sky’s the limit for those who have what it takes to start their own business, but it is definitely worth pursuing some business studies to help you achieve your dream the first time.

APM College of Business and Communication and William Blue College of Hospitality Management represent a new wave of further education for people who really want to achieve their dreams. With flexible learning options, work integrated learning and guidance from industry professionals your future career in Marketing, Event Management, Tourism, Commercial Cookery, Business and Hotel Management is assured.

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