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By GOS 27th March 2020

Your Nursing Scholarship Winners

Think Education’s renowned Nursing scholarship program has wrapped up for T1, and we can say without exaggeration – it was one of the toughest and most competitive years we have seen yet. Choosing from among this list of candidates fell to our panel of judges, and the task could not have been more difficult.

This scholarship provides an amazing opportunity to join the ranks of registered nurses in Australia, a qualification that can take you around the world, where no one day is ever the same as the next.

It offers a tuition discount, along with the chance to liaise with course professionals and lecturers. Hundreds of applicants put their very best foot forward. Choosing from the multitudes meant some very high standards were adhered to, and we were made proud by the quality of the applicants – and not just those who came out on top.

The winners were determined not only by their outstanding academic history. A path of social and community involvement played a big role, as did a demonstration of their interest in the field, either through direct work experience or volunteering.

But without further ado, let us extend congratulations to Jacqueline Dunn and Thomas Nissenbaum, T1’s winners of the Nursing scholarship. You both truly did stand apart, and we are very excited to show you what you are in for.

Your Nursing Scholarship Winners

Think Education also extend our sincerest congratulations to all of you who applied. This is going to be a fascinating year of practical learning and experiences – so even if you did not win a scholarship, we think that you should be thoroughly excited about the semester that awaits you.

Here at Think Education, we provide practical, interactive education that sets you on the path towards a career that you will love. Get in touch and let us get you started.