A FEE-HELP loan is available to assist in paying for all or part of higher education tuition course fees. The loan does not cover costs such as accommodation, laptops or textbooks.

What is FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee-paying students to pay their tuition fees. Eligible students can borrow up to the FEE-HELP limit, to pay their tuition fees. For 2021, the FEE-HELP limit is $108,232 for most students. Indexation and the loan fee do not count towards your FEE-HELP limit.

Students repay the loan to the Australian Government through the tax system once a student reaches the minimum income threshold level for repayment, which for 2020-21 is $46,620.

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Am I eligible for FEE-HELP?

You are eligible for FEE-HELP assistance for a unit of study if you:

  • are undertaking study with an approved provider;
  • meet the citizenship and residency requirements;
  • you are an Australian citizen or a New Zealand Special Category Visa holder who meets the long-term residency criteria and who will undertake, in Australia, at least one unit of study contributing to your course; OR
  • you are a permanent humanitarian visa holder who will be resident in Australia for the duration of your unit; OR
  • you are a permanent visa holder who is undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of the study;
  • are enrolled in an eligible unit of study by the census date for the unit;
  • have not exceeded the FEE-HELP limit

For further information, visit the Australian Government website, Study Assist

The College reserves the right to increase your fees by up to 10% in each calendar year that you are enrolled. This allows the College to adjust fees, if necessary, to cover increases in the cost of delivering your course.

Fees for each trimester must be paid before the trimester commences.


Think: Colleges Pty Ltd trading as Southern School of Natural Therapies is a recognised Higher Education Provider. Students are eligible to apply for the Australian Government FEE-HELP loan scheme.