Calling all thinkers, shining stars, shape-shifters and agitators! Think Education is redefining education. Apply for a scholarship at a Think Education college and join the change.

  • As part of our passion for creating next-generation designers, business leaders, hospitality professionals, creative and health and well-being practitioners, our colleges offer scholarships to Australian students and permanent residents.
  • As a scholarship recipient you will also become an ambassador for your college – opening the door to enormous career opportunities!
  • Scholarship opportunities vary from college to college but are typically awarded yearly. The application process is competitive: but if you’ve got the talent and passion, you’ve got the chance.



Design Scholarships

Billy Blue College of Design

Billy Blue College of Design is committed to discovering and nurturing new talent. A scholarship program is available to exceptional new students (including recent school leavers and those wishing to upgrade their existing qualifications) in interior design, branded fashion design, communication design or digital media design. Become the best designer you can be!

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CATC Design School

CATC Design School supports emerging creative talent by offering scholarships to stand-out students wanting to study photography, interior design, graphic design full-time at any CATC campus across Australia.

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Business Scholarships

APM College of Business and Communication

APM College of Business and Communication produces outstanding business leaders for tomorrow. Every year, five savvy students studying business, marketing, public relations or event management are awarded an industry scholarship of a lifetime.

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Health Scholarships

Jansen Newman Institute

Jansen Newman Institute awards a one year scholarship to a fulltime student studying counselling and psychotherapy or community services.

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Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT)

For students committed to a career in complementary therapies, and passionate about health and wellbeing, SSNT offers a one year scholarship to students studying Chinese medicine, naturopathy, western herbal medicine, clinical myotherapy, or nutritional medicine.

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Australian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT)

Every year ACNT awards a set number of study scholarships to standout students who can demonstrate a strong interest in establishing a career in natural therapies, sports development or massage.

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Australian National College of Beauty (ANCB)

Every year ANCB awards a set number of study scholarships to standout students who can demonstrate a strong interest in establishing a career in the world of beauty therapy. If you can show determination, industry passion and learning drive we want to meet you.

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Think Education – Diploma Of Nursing

We are looking for the most community minded and career focused students like yourself to help you begin your exciting career in the nursing industry.

We are inviting aspiring individuals and community workers to apply for our 20% Scholarship for Diploma of Nursing.

This scholarship is available for full-time students starting their full-time studies in Trimester 1 and will be awarded on merit. The recipient of the scholarship will also become a college ambassador.

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Applications close on 31 December 2017

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