Holly Doran is passionate about illustration and typography.
A graduate of Billy Blue, she is exploring various pathways in communication design. In her spare time, Holly pursues an interest in photography and draws much of her inspiration from nature, particularly Sydney’s stunning beaches.

“I have always been interested in art, so after I finished school I began a Fine Arts course at university. One semester in, I realised I wasn’t ready for full-time study. I decided to go and see the world and ended up travelling for seven years. My travels really enabled me to think about the direction I wanted to head in.

I was interested in learning more about illustration, but I didn’t want to spend three years studying only to realise there wasn’t much work in my vocation. The Billy Blue Communication Design course opened my eyes to the breadth and variety of design.” “One project that I really enjoyed working on was part of the Southern Cross Packaging Design Awards.

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The design challenge was to create a package for an over-the-counter pharmaceutical product. The package had to protect the product and be innovative in its design. I redesigned the humble headache tablet package by creating a detachable multi-pack that targeted busy women aged between 18 and 35. The package contained six tablets – three packs of two to tear and take in your bag without worrying about the blister pack becoming pierced or damaged. I called the headache tablets Swallow and used bold graphics so the product would stand out and attract the target market. This brief really enabled me (quite literally) to think outside the box.”

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