Nathaliya Wongsethanoonoi

If there’s one thing that is important to Nathaliya, it’s waking up every morning and looking forward to doing the things she loves, day-in day-out. Nathaliya fell in love with how colours, shapes and light can have such a profound influence on the mood of a room.

She decided it was her calling and enrolled at CATC Design School, a course of study that she cherishes. “CATC is full of passionate individuals,” she explains, “Teachers are friends with knowledge. Leverage on this to achieve your goals. You can learn a lot from just asking questions.” Interior Design is what Nathaliya wants to do every day. Her main focus is on soft furnishings and textiles, describing this element of Interior Design as, “finger-licking icing on a cake.”

Nathaliya’s plans for the future are to continue what CATC has taught her and how they taught it to her; she wants an enriched and fulfilled life complete with a network of awesome and like-minded people… as well as her own furnishing and textiles business.

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