Nikolette Toth is a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, health coach and blogger. She is also a 2013 Nutritional Medicine graduate of ACNT. Nikolette chose to focus her career into health and wellbeing after curing herself of chronic infections, digestive issues and weight gain using nutrition alone.

She began a journey to help others do the same. As her passion grew in nutrition, she realised how important exercise is for optimal health, and she decided to expand her knowledge to the field of fitness by becoming a personal trainer. Her coaching and aspiration to help people succeed brings out the best in each individual. “While studying nutrition therapy, I learned how important exercise is to both mental and physical wellbeing. I also realised that there was a big gap between fitness professionals and nutritionists – they didn’t work well together – so I decided to study personal training to be able to cover both areas and provide clients with a comprehensive service – fitness and nutrition.” Over the past year she has competed in an INBA fitness competition to learn even more about Sport Nutrition, as well as published many health articles and recipes.

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She contributes to health blogs and magazines, and presents in a radio talk show weekly. Nikolette's passion only gets stronger as time goes on, she is eager to expand her knowledge even further, and hopes to continue in the health and fitness field for the rest of her life.

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