Andy Roberts

After many years of ‘left brain’ work for a large global gaming company, coupled with some major (and thankfully, very successful) neck surgeries, Andy decided life was too short not to do what he really wanted. He was determined to immerse himself in something completely different and felt impelled to pursue a journey into the creative field of photography.

It definitely paid off, “I’ve started looking at the world around me in new ways – from different angles and perspectives. I never really had tangible outcomes from my projects in my previous profession. Now I have touchable, physical results for my efforts – unique work I can be proud of.”

Andy describes the community at CATC as being a safe environment where like-minded students can collaborate and experiment in a safe and fun environment. He enjoys that there are people who think as he does; encouraging each other to do their own thing.

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“I think it is very easy to compare yourself to others around you, and perhaps doubt your own abilities sometimes. When pushed beyond my comfort zone, my immediate internal doubts would be ‘but what if I mess up? What if this/what that?’ – I’ve learnt from my time at college to argue the opposite: to dismiss the negatives and get on with it. It seems to be working.” Every day is different and exciting for Andy. But when asked about where his photography will take him in five years’ time, Andy is 100% committed to the possibility and inviting the unknown, regardless of any ups and downs he may face.

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