With a love of art and language, Digital Media Design student Jarryd Smith is fascinated by communication in the world around him. To Jarryd, everything is interesting – something he considers both a blessing and a curse as he finds it is impossible to ‘switch off’. His course has encouraged him to ‘think differently’, stretching the bounds of his creativity.

“I am originally from the coastal town of Port Macquarie so a lot of the inspiration for my artwork comes from my surfing lifestyle. I’ve always loved art, but at high school several of my (non-art) teachers warned me that design is a competitive industry. The truth is yes, design is indeed competitive but I have remained optimistic and already have great work opportunities halfway through my study.”

“I believe in the concept that ‘everything is interesting’ for designers, though I’m not sure if it’s a gift or a curse. A designer’s way of thinking is impossible to switch off. I often find myself scoping out typography in shop signs, analysing messages on billboards and paying more attention to how a commercial has been delivered than to the television program I am watching.”

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“I think one of my most fun and successful projects so far during the Digital Media Design course was creating a ‘how to’ video. I decided to film an instructional video on how to pick up women – except the host was an intoxicated bricklayer who was literally picking up women and throwing them over his shoulder. It was a little bit cheeky and controversial and gained many laughs. At Billy Blue we are always encouraged to think differently, which really appeals to me.”

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