Morgan Stephenson

Morgan saw the importance of choosing a tertiary institution that was heavily involved in the hospitality and tourism industries and with courses specifically tailored to his areas of interest.

William Blue offers a number of specialities for individuals seeking to further their academic and professional learning. Morgan chose William Blue because of their strong industry ties and professional acumen of the teaching staff for both academic learning and professional experience.

Now working at The Rialto in Melbourne, part of Intercontinental Hotels Group, Morgan says that his William Blue academic transcript has been a great asset in applying for a new position along his career path. “I enjoy being part of one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the luxury hotel industry that focuses on their colleagues as an integral piece to the success of the organisation.” Morgan has his future clearly focused on moving into management roles and he is hoping to be in a senior management position within ten years, specifically relating guest relations and room divisions of a luxury hospitality brand. He cites the wealth of experience shared by his lecturers as one of the most compelling part of his learning experience, and that this was what ultimately solidified his aims in the hospitality industry

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