VET FEE-HELP is an extension of FEE-HELP, part of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). In 2016, eligible students could borrow up to $99,389 for most courses and $124,238 for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses that lead to registration as practitioners in those fields. The VET FEE-HELP limit is indexed on 1 January each year (as measured by the CPI index). There is a 20% loan fee that applies to VET FEE-HELP loans and the VET FEE-HELP limit does not include the loan fee. Students repay the loan to the Australian Government through the tax system once a student reaches the minimum income threshold level for repayment, which for 2015-16 is $54,126.

You may be eligible for a VET FEE-HELP loan if you:

  • are an Australian citizen; or
  • a permanent humanitarian visa holder who will be resident in Australia for the duration of your unit(s) of study;
  • are a full fee paying/fee for service student, or a subsidised student in a state or territory that has implemented subsidised VET FEE-HELP arrangements (contact your approved VET provider for more information);
  • are enrolled in an eligible course at an approved VET provider; and
  • have read the VET FEE-HELP information for 2016 booklet before you complete and submit the Request for VET FEE-HELP assistance form (the form) by the census date.

For further information and to download the VET FEE-HELP information booklet, please go to

VET FEE-HELP - Vocational Education Courses

Think: Colleges Pty Ltd trading as William Blue College of Hospitality Management, Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Australian National College of Beauty, APM College of Business and Communication, CATC Design School, Jansen Newman Institute and Southern School of Natural Therapies is approved by the Department of Education (DOE) to offer VET FEE-HELP loans to students enrolled in eligible Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.