Education for education’s sake has a place; it’s just not our place.

Linda Brown

CEO Think Education

Our graduates get the job

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At Think Education we place equal value on theory and practice and make sure our students are thoroughly trained for real-world success. Many of our courses include internships, industry placements, on-campus clinics, and access to incubator pods. So by the time you graduate you have first-hand work experience, industry contacts and a true understanding of how your new career really works.

You decide how & when you learn

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We want you to have an education that’s as unique as you are. Studying with us means doing it on your own terms: part-time, full-time, on-campus, online - or a blend of both. Many of our cutting-edge campuses are designed for next-generation learning and offer 24/7 access. After all, have you tried conducting a revolution during office hours?

We reward your edge

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Think Education graduates are hungry for success, and we’re unflinching in our quest to help them achieve it. As a Think student you will be rewarded for your passion: whether it’s through awards or remuneration, introductions to industry or in helping you give back to the community. Graduates who choose entrepreneurship, or social entrepreneurship, can even set up a business using incubator pods on our campuses!

We embrace the best & the baddest

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First? Only? Best? You’ll find all kinds of students within our walls. But you’ll also find the misfits and the agitators. The creators and the doers. The square pegs in the round holes. We know that this is where passion and innovation prevail. And where we see real passion, we don’t mind how it’s packaged.

Because we do education differently

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Think Education is devoted to creating a new era of thinkers. We’re challenging the myopic and stereotypical thinking of the education system, and are rebuilding it to suit you and your future. We believe that the world needs talented people to solve social, environmental and health problems. Our students are nurtured to think independently, become socially aware and create true change.