Holly Hardstaff

Feeling like she had outgrown her old job, Holly was looking for a new role to inspire and challenge her. Holly worked for a financial services franchisor that deals in information. She discovered APM through a digital advertisement on a job search website. The serendipity of that moment made her immediately enrol at APM.

Holly was looking for something to back up her existing on-the-job knowledge with the marketing theory that would see her advance in her career. “Every week I learn something new through my APM course which I can apply to my real day to day job,” Holly explains. “Even though it can be really hectic working full-time and studying, being able to test and use your new skills straight away makes it so worthwhile – and rewarding.”

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Among some of the things Holly has found most helpful as been learning at her own pace – important when working full-time – as well as support from the APM staff. There are always hurdles for any new challenge, when asked what her greatest achievement so far has been, Holly responded, “Overcoming my fear of having to work with statistics! The good thing about the course from APM is that it presents all the information really simply. There’s always additional reading available if you want to go really in-depth on a subject but if you’re just getting your head around the basics (like I was with statistics and reporting) – it’s geared to just give you what you need as well.”

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