Studying Online web

Studying online courses is a great option if you are juggling work and/or family commitments, or not living close to a Think campus. Online education gives you complete flexibility to study when and where you want. Our online university-level and vocational courses are specifically designed to fit your lifestyle – and you can tailor your study to suit your needs.

Think Education’s online learning is delivered through a web-based system called the Learning Portal. This state-of-the-art learning solution has a number of benefits including:

  • Responsive, one-on-one, personalised tutorial support and service
  • High quality curriculum and learning materials designed for learning anywhere
  • Access to online library collections with over 70 million articles
  • Facilitated communication between students, academics and support staff
  • Access to student group activities such as discussion forums, message boards, blogs and wikis.

What People are Saying

Online study is a great feature because I can study the coursework and complete assignments in my own time during the week without having to attend lectures after work.

Erin 200x200Erin BurgessOnline Student,
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Online education can be difficult, and it's our attitude that determines how we overcome this challenge. Having great tutors that are approachable, knowledgeable, helpful and thorough is a gift.

Bethany 200x200Bethany Yates-SclaterGraduate, Diploma of Graphic Design


To help you get through your study, and troubleshoot any concerns, our academic and administrative support teams will regularly check in with you and monitor your progress. You will also have access to, assignment and study-support, student orientation and counselling services. As a Think student, you know you have the edge - and we’re here to sharpen it.


Log into class through most devices

We’ve invested in the latest digital classroom technologies, so logging into class is easy. Interact with lecturers and fellow classmates through live web conferencing and discussion forums by utilising some amazing collaboration tools. Download study materials, watch videos, pod-casts and presentations from most devices, whenever you want.

Study when life permits

With flexible timetables you can study when and where you want, tailoring your course to suit your work hours and lifestyle. In most cases you can choose to study full or part-time. A maximum of 1/3 online course study load is available to international students studying in Australia.

Mix online classes with campus

While online study is fantastically convenient, mixing it with on-campus classes can be a great way to stay engaged. Known as blended learning, this option (which is available in many Think courses – check with a Course & Careers Adviser) lets you create a timetable that combines online classes and face-to-face classes.

Connect to fellow students

Studying online courses doesn’t mean missing out on the human buzz that comes with group learning. We’ve designed our online courses to keep it real. Get to know your lecturers and mix with students through group work such as discussion forums, message boards, blogs and wikis.