What can you expect from a Diploma of Nursing?

Our graduate and future Enrolled Nurse, Cloey, who has just completed the Diploma of nursing tells us her story.

I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 4. I am truly passionate and I love helping others. I did surf lifesaving from the age of 9 and carried on doing the surf patrols which meant making sure everyone was safe at the beach. I also taught the nippers (younger kids learning beach safety and doing fun activities) for a couple years.

My Life as an International Nursing student


Hi, I’m Rewati Dhamala and I come from the land of Himalayas. I grew up in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. I first came to Australia in 2017 to study Creative arts and media at Flinders University in Adelaide. I choose Australia because it’s an English-speaking country so I wouldn’t have the language barrier (I used to speak English in Nepal and was an English Teacher in Japan). I also know that an Australian degree is highly valued anywhere in the world.

Isaac, Diploma of Nursing | THINK Education

Our current students tell us how they gained industry experience before they graduated.

Industry placements are an essential part of our course. We place high importance on giving our first-hand experience in a variety of clinical settings.

THINK Health Education – Diploma of Nursing

At first glance, the very thought of managing studies, work and family life can seem daunting.

Luckily, at THINK Health Education, we are aware of these challenges. We ensure the workload is as flexible as possible to fit your busy life. Our Nursing students get the opportunity to choose how they want to study, whether it’s full-time, face to face, or blended. Our blended study mode mixes on-campus and online learning. Students attend classroom and simulated laboratory sessions one day per week. The rest of the time, they study from the comfort of their home and at their own pace. Thanks to this flexibility, getting a handle on all of life’s commitments is so much easier.


Meet Isabel Urrego, Senior Learning Advisor at Sydney campus and one of our student support specialists. Our team of Learning Advisors includes industry and education experts who will support you throughout your studies to make sure you stay on track to success! They offer a free academic support service to all students.