Stepping up in the face of a crisis: Nursing student becomes Psychiatric Nurse

Professor Cath Rogers | Dean of Health

For many Australians, the COVID-19 pandemic is having serious effects on their mental health. Loneliness, isolation, and fear of the illness are among the issues people are struggling with every day.

Bryce Ives | Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs

For every one of us, there are times when nurses come into our lives and make such a positive difference that we remember them forever. Nurses are with us through our most challenging times. They may or may not be able to save our lives, but they always provide comfort and care, and hope.

Nurses can even inspire our career choices. As can life journeys.

Article by Professor Cath Rogers, Dean of Health

Respecting diversity and encouraging inclusion are essential aspects of a nurse’s work, and central to our goals at Torrens University Australia and THINK Education. Together, our lecturers and students go beyond the stereotypes to build careers based on passion, commitment and equality.

One outdated stereotype is that nursing is not a career choice for men. This view has been hard to shift, but there are early signs that this might finally be changing.  And, at Torrens University, we intend to lead the way.

Think Education’s renowned Nursing scholarship program has wrapped up for T1, and we can say without exaggeration – it was one of the toughest and most competitive years we have seen yet. Choosing from among this list of candidates fell to our panel of judges, and the task could not have been more difficult.

This scholarship provides an amazing opportunity to join the ranks of registered nurses in Australia, a qualification that can take you around the world, where no one day is ever the same as the next.

International Women’s Day’s theme this year, at the dawn of the new decade, is #EachforEqual

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