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By THINK Education 7th April 2015

How to Get a Promotion without Leaving the House

Housebound? Ambitious? No problem! Follow these tips to become an instant commodity in the workplace and advance your career.



Upgrade your wardrobe

This is not to say that what you’re wearing isn’t very good, but as if anyone needs an excuse for an online shopping spree?! Looking the look and walking the walk is a big part of getting the job.

Upgrade your wardrobe


Update your Online Profiles - LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed, MyCareer

Job search websites aren’t just for people to look for jobs, they’re also for recruiters and employers to search for candidates like you. If you keep your details up to date, choose a professional photo of yourself and get some connections, you might find yourself getting mail from an eager recruiter.

Upgrade skills


Get a Haircut (at home)

Did you know that you can dial-a-hairdresser?! Google it!

Get a haircut


Get a New Qualification

Your skills and experience deserve a nod on your resume, and completing a course online is the easiest way to do it without leaving your house. Business schools like APM College of Business and Communication offer university-equivalent Bachelor Degrees and Diplomas that can be completed from your own home and in your own time. This isn’t distance education; this is modern online learning taught by experienced business industry professionals and comes with a lot of support to give you the best chance of success. Go to to find out more about how upgrading your qualifications can boost your career. 

Online Study



You don’t need to attend industry drinks every week to network, you can do quite a bit online. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram - seek-out people you’ve met through your work and try to connect or collaborate with them. Look for people from your industry that you respect and admire online and try to connect with them. Find old friends on Facebook and see what they’re up to. This is all really easy and could open up new opportunities for you.




Lots of brands, business, organisations and companies use the internet and television to promote their brands. It wouldn’t hurt your chances to learn a little more about your current job, a prospective employer or even a position you’d rather be in.




Even if you read this heading and immediately said, “No way!”, meditation is still a very highly regarded way to increase focus and productivity, and reduce stress. Just look at long list of incredibly successful people who meditate. While meditation guarantees nothing, it could help provide the clarity and motivation for you to get a promotion… and you can do it without leaving your house.



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