Hear first-hand from Kathy Beverley, CEO of The Brisbane Waters Hospital about her experience working with our students in industry placements.

Industry placements are an essential element of the Diploma of Nursing, providing you with opportunities to apply the skills you have learned in the classroom and laboratory in real professional environments. The clinical setting which is hosting you can really make a difference in your nursing career.

Today we sit down with Kathy Beverley the CEO of the Brisbane Waters Hospital, to talk about her experience with our enrolled nurse students.

Dianne was a florist for almost 30 years.

She’s always been interesting in nursing and after years of thinking about going back to school, she finally decided to make her dream a reality. “From the age of 4 I dreamt of becoming a nurse... I love helping people in any way possible, it gives me tremendous joy to know I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. At the age of 53, I made my dream come true.”

Dianne is an inspiration to us. She has demonstrated that no matter your age, you can always go back to school. Learn more about how she decided to face her fears of being a mature student and get back into the classroom.

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“Prevention is better than cure.”

The following piece is written by nursing student Sushma Ghale.

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Sushma comes all the way from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is currently in the 3rd stage of Diploma of Nursing program.

“To me, becoming a nurse is one of the most selfless jobs acts you can do. I love getting the opportunity to help people from all over the world, having the chance to know them and take care of them is one the greatest blessings.”

What can you expect from a Diploma of Nursing?

Our graduate and future Enrolled Nurse, Cloey, who has just completed the Diploma of nursing tells us her story.

I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 4. I am truly passionate and I love helping others. I did surf lifesaving from the age of 9 and carried on doing the surf patrols which meant making sure everyone was safe at the beach. I also taught the nippers (younger kids learning beach safety and doing fun activities) for a couple years.

My Life as an International Nursing student


Hi, I’m Rewati Dhamala and I come from the land of Himalayas. I grew up in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. I first came to Australia in 2017 to study Creative arts and media at Flinders University in Adelaide. I choose Australia because it’s an English-speaking country so I wouldn’t have the language barrier (I used to speak English in Nepal and was an English Teacher in Japan). I also know that an Australian degree is highly valued anywhere in the world.