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Our focus is on rethinking education and delivering an experience that empowers, emboldens, and instills confidence and curiosity - where heads and hearts are aligned.
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Industry engagement

Industry engagement is at the core of our pledge to help our students succeed and to prepare them to change their world. Industry insights and partnerships ensure our curriculum is relevant to future needs and our graduates are ready to work in and contribute to industries of the future.
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Employability strategy

Our Employability Strategy prioritises Work-Integrated Learning to ensure students are industry immersed as part of their studies, as well as building soft skills to ensure they begin their careers as highly valued recruits with transferable skills.
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Global mindset

Think Education’s global mindset is reinforced through internationally recognised and ranked courses, industry experts and leadership with international experience.
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Be Good

In just over 5 years, we have proven that public good can be delivered from private investment. Our strong values and demonstrable commitment to public good and social impact are embedded in the curriculum and guided by our Be Good Plan.

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University Impact Alumni |  Three university graduates | THINK Education
Our graduations don't just celebrate but provide a life changing special moment to stop and reflect on achievement, industry, knowledge and friendships.
University Impact Alumni | Business woman handshaking | THINK Education
Our vision and values
We champion the power of people to connect the world for good. Our values of beginning and ending with people, being good, being creative, being bold, being well and being global are at the core of everything we do.
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Alumni professionals
Our alumni are a global network of highly accomplished professionals changing their worlds and their lives.
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