Clinical Placements for Nursing Students

Nursing student applying bandage to other student in clinic

Find out everything about our clinical placements for Nursing students, how we give you practical experience across various settings and in your chosen field.

At Think Education, we work closely with our industry partners in private and public hospitals, GP clinics, aged care and mental health facilities, to give you practical experience across various settings.

What is a clinical placement in the Diploma of Nursing?

With every clinical placement, you’ll put theory into practice, applying what you learn in the classroom to a clinical setting. Using your knowledge in a training environment, you will undergo hands-on learning, gaining new skills and improving your understanding of different areas of practice. Equally, you will apply what you learn from the placement to your coursework. As they form part of your course, you will be assessed on each placement. Your facility coordinator will organise your placements and take care of any admin or requirements such as insurance.

How many hours of placements do student nurses do in Australia? 

During our Diploma of Nursing, you will complete a total of 400 hours of unpaid clinical placements. Currently there are four clinical placements: three placements are 80 hours each (or 2 weeks each), and one is 160 hours (or 4 weeks). You are eligible for clinical placements after trimesters or study periods 2, 3, 4 and 5.

What do you need for a Diploma of Nursing placement?

You will do your clinical placements in the aged care environment, sub-acute and primary healthcare facilities, mental-health facilities and acute-care settings. To be eligible to attend these clinical placements you must successfully complete all the written and practical assessments within the study period related to the clinical placement. That is, study period 1 and 2 for aged care, study period 3 for sub-acute and primary, study period 4 for mental health, and study period 5 for acute care. 

How do you get through a Diploma of Nursing placement?

Your lecturers will work with you in class so that you are thoroughly prepared for your placement. Plus, you will have already studied the clinical field in advance. At the training facility, you will be placed under the supervision and guidance of a facilitator or a senior staff member. You may also be partnered with a nurse or healthcare worker throughout your experience. You will always be fully supported by experienced professionals who can answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way.


Clinical placements give you the chance to practice in a variety of healthcare settings, building practical skills and broadening knowledge. You’ll gain genuine insights into the diverse career paths available to you when you graduate as an enrolled nurse with a Diploma of Nursing.

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