Congratulations to our Nursing Graduates

Graduation cap throw

Ann Mangkikis will remember 11 March 2020 forever – that’s the day she received her Diploma of Nursing from THINK Education in Sydney.

The Graduation had particular significance for everyone at the ceremony because of the growing presence of the COVID-19 virus around the world.

‘In this health problem that we are facing, we can really see the importance of the knowledge we have gathered over the past 18 months of the course, and we can take pride in it. We can educate people and help them not to panic,’ Ann says.

Ann Mangkikis

She’s ready to use her skills as an Enrolled Nurse (EN) to care for patients during this difficult time. ‘I've always been passionate about serving people and helping others.’

Switching careers

Ann completed a communications degree in the Philippines, where she was born, then took a different professional pathway when she moved to Australia.

Initially she chose Nursing because it’s a ‘really a good stable career’, but it quickly became something more important for her. ‘At the Think Education orientation day, when I found out what the course and a Nursing career had to offer, I fell in love with it.

‘Nursing is such a good course and the small class sizes make it more intimate. The educators at Think Education are really hands-on and they have years of experience in the industry.’

Nursing Student Ambassador

As a Nursing Student Ambassador during her studies, Ann welcomed the Stage 1 undergraduates, offered new and prospective students information about Think Education and the Nursing course, and shared her experiences of studying on campus and in the work placements.

‘The highlight of the course for me was always the interactive practical learning, in the lab, when you are already applying what you have learned theoretically to practical situations, such as giving basic life support and learning what to do in an emergency. You get hands-on experience with the clinical equipment.’

Looking back on her 18 months of Nursing study, Ann says, ‘What surprises me is that humans are really complex. We might be the same in terms of our body structure and we have the same body systems. But our health is also our unique state of wellbeing in its entirety, it’s not just physical. It's our environment, our spiritual beliefs, it's our mental and emotional state. Nursing is not only about giving patients medications and physical care. It's also giving them your support, your communication, your empathy, your compassion as well, and it’s how you deal with people. The psychological side of nursing is really important too.’

While waiting to receive her registration from AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), Ann’s working as an AIN (Assistant in Nursing) in the aged-care facility where she did her first student placement. Her final placement was in acute care in a private hospital.

Looking to the future, Ann says, ‘I'm still working my way up and gaining experience. I’d like to work as an ER in the aged-care facility or in a medical centre. Or if, God willing, I can work in a hospital, then that would be great.’

Like so many nurses, Ann plans to keep learning and plans to gain experience in paediatrics or cardiology, and in the challenging and fulfilling field of surgical nursing.

‘Nursing is a highly valued profession and one that involves continuous learning. It's very interactive and it's very relevant to our society. As a nurse, you can make a great positive change in your whole community.’

For students starting out

‘Just never give up.’ That’s Ann’s advice for students who are in the early weeks of Stage 1.

She encourages them to think about their graduation day – and the feeling that You’ve made it. ‘You're already there.’

‘You can change the world, so just keep going. It's really a fulfilling job, a great career. If you're someone who's willing to help other people in your own way, and if you're really a lover of people, then nursing is for you.’

Ann’s two sisters in the Philippines are nurses and her sister who lives in Sydney is also a Registered Nurse. On 11 March, she was at the Graduation Ceremony to celebrate with Ann as she started out on her new career.

If you want to start your own journey towards becoming an Enrolled Nurse you can find out about our Diploma of Nursing here.

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