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Jansen Newman Institute, providing fulfilling and rewarding courses in care and part of Think Education since 2007.

About Jansen Newman Institute (JNI)

JNI was a social sciences and relationship development school that taught students to listen, empathise and nurture those in care. They provided rich, hands-on counselling experience for students to provide a positive impact and successfully guide those in need through change and discovery.

JNI became part of Think Education in 2007, which helped grow the college and launch a wider variety of online courses across a range of specialities. The courses are now offered by Torrens University, which is part of Torrens Global Education, a leading tertiary education network.

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Founded in experience
Founder Dr David Jansen was also co-founder of the California Family Study Center in Los Angeles.
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Leaders in the field
In 1994, JNI became one of Sydney’s first private higher education providers, accrediting students with diplomas and graduate diplomas.
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A history of helping
The institute was originally named the Relationship Development Centre but was renamed when psychologist Margaret Newman joined in 1981.

Counselling and Community Services courses offered by Torrens University Australia

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