Why now is the best time to study to become a Nurse

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Are you interested in medicine and helping people? Here is why now is the best time to become a nurse, no matter what field of nursing you choose.

We didn’t need a pandemic to alert us to the important work nurses do, but it has laid bare the desperate need for more of them. Technical experts, carers, counsellors, educators – nurses are the backbone of healthcare systems around the world. Now more than ever we’ve experienced the vital role they play in our lives. 

Why should I study Nursing? 

“The nursing profession and the community are in desperate need of nurses, especially during the pandemic,” says Suzana Tanevska-Cicero, Torrens University Australia’s State Coordinator of Nursing, Victoria. “Nursing is a calling. And as nurses, the community puts their trust in us. Nurses can have an enormous and lasting impact on the people they care for. There is no better time for those who dream of becoming a nurse to answer that calling.”  

Nursing is a diverse profession 

No matter what field of nursing you choose, you’ll work in an ever-changing environment, keeping up to date with new skills, tools and technology to provide the best care. You’ll interact with a diverse range of colleagues and patients and implement change in your workplace as research and new developments shift your practice. 

As a nurse, you can pursue many different specialisations, including:
  • Intensive care
  • Aged care
  • Primary healthcare
  • Paediatrics
  • Nursing education and research

What Nursing studies will offer you

Our Bachelor of Nursing equips you with vital skills in assessment and clinical decision-making, person-centred care, professional communication, enquiry and research, awareness of diversity and self-care practices. It prepares you to start a career as a Registered Nurse in Australia, delivering care in various healthcare, industry and community settings.

Nursing is flexible 
From where and when you work, nursing offers a surprising degree of flexibility. You can work in large city hospitals, emergency departments, rural hospitals, small community clinics, home healthcare services and more. As for your hours, you can choose to work full-time or in between your commitments. Find a work-life balance by:
- Performing causal work
- Choosing appropriate shifts 
- Working part-time  

Your studies can influence every aspect of your life

As a nurse, it’s important to know how to interact with patients in a relatable way. That why we help you develop soft skills alongside technical ones. You’ll build on your communication, critical thinking, leadership, management and teamwork skills – broadly transferrable skills that will stand you in good stead wherever you go in life.

Nurses are in demand

Demand for nurses has been steadily increasing in Australia for some time. And by 2025, it is estimated to grow by almost 15%. According to the Australian Government’s Labour Market 2020 Industry Employment Outlook: “This growth is supported by continued investment in public healthcare at the state and federal levels. Increasing demand for Australia’s ageing population also contributes to this strong projected growth.” 

Nursing is fulfilling

“Nurses are the heart of healthcare,” says Suzana. They make decisions about people’s lives, work to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, and offer critical support at the end of life.

With the skills you will develop in your course, the job security and flexibility in your work, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing good every day, you’ll be forever grateful you took the first step to starting your Nursing studies.

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